– Thesis design

Finally … you can show your completed thesis to the world! Are you looking for a unique design of your thesis? Then provides a thesis design that suits you and your PhD research. As a graphic designer, I specialize in special book design. Your thesis will be a visual gem with a personal design, a cover illustration based on your personality & research, paper choices that fit the style and beautiful printing techniques that make the difference.

A complete thesis design or a thesis cover design

Whatever you choose, I make sure that your thesis has one professional style. With a thesis cover design you also receive a layout proposal for the title pages and the bookmark. I often work with other companies and designers. So if you want someone else to do the layout for you, please do not hesitate to ask for the possibilities!
I perform a complete thesis design in detail, from sketch to layout. We choose paper types that suit the concept and a finishing touch that gives your thesis just that little bit extra; think for example of UV spot varnish, embossing or laser cutting. It will be a well-thought-out design, from manuscript to powerpoint slide. You can also order invitations, presentation and a browsable pdf. And if you let me do the printing guidance, I will take care of the quotations requests and discussing the planning and possibilities with the printer. Of course, I also check the printing proof together with you.

Would you like more information?

For more information about designing your dissertation, please contact me. When you fill out the form, you immediately receive all information about my working methods, pricing and possibilities, independently of my agenda! My name is Ilse Schrauwers and I hope to speak to you soon!


Because of the Dutch regulations concerning copyrights, I only design books with an ISBN number. If you do not receive an ISBN from your university, I advise you to request the ISBN through me or a printer. Check this page for more information about applying for an ISBN number. – PhD thesis design