Illustration design for Zandbeek. Pioniers in contentmarketing - commissioned by ABN Amro MeesPierson - -
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De Norm

De Vermogengsmonitor 2017

Illustration design for Zandbeek. Pioniers in contentmarketing The agency for engagement, commissioned by ABN Amro MeesPierson

Illustration design
cover illustration, illustrations book interiour, website banner illustration, website link illustration, concept development

Background information

De Vermogensmonitor (The Asset Monitor) is an initiative of ABN AMRO MeesPierson. In 2017, Zandbeek asked me to illustrate a magazine. ABN Amro MeesPierson had conducted a survey* among the wealthy target group. The results were translated in an audience-friendly way. My task was to make the illustrative translation for that target group, and to take part in the concept development. The illustrations were ultimately used for the online expressions: on (2017), at ATMs, etc.

*The survey was carried out in May 2017 by GfK among nearly 500 people. In the Netherlands, the target group ‘the wealthy’ contains Dutch people with at least 500,000 euros of free capital

Publisher: ABN AMRO MeesPierson
Concept & realization: Zandbeek. The agency for engagement
Print coordination: Sumis Printmanagement

“This booklet is the most beautiful thing we have made in a long time”
– Willem van Zandbeek (1952 – 2017)

This campaign has won no fewer than3 awards:
The ‘Best PR input within content marketing’award & the ‘Best distribution’ award at the Grand Prix Content Marketing 2017.
Next, we won an European Excellence Award in the category ‘External Publication’.(source:
Also, the case was a finalist at the prestigious American Content Marketing Awards 2018, in the category Content Marketing Launch of the Year
Book design