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Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Improving Outcome

By Sandra van Brunschot

Cover, inner pages, invitations & propositions:
Concept, illustration, book design & layout

About the thesis:

Of patients suffering from acute pancreatitis (pancreatitis), 20% develop severe pancreatitis. This may result in organ failure or necrosis (cell death) of the pancreas. In the Pancreatitis Workgroup Netherlands (PWN) specialists and centers bring their knowledge and experiences together. The aim is to gain more insight into the clinical picture of acute pancreatitis and thus to improve diagnostics and treatment and to prevent complications. In her research, Sandra van Brunschot charts eight years of intensive clinical scientific research within the PWN.

About the design and development:

During our meeting. Sandra indicated that she wanted to do something special with her big thesis. Eight years of research deserved a beautiful design. Therefore, we have gone all-out – in a subtle way. Sandra is a surgeon, which is why we chose to work with laser cutting technique. The title is formed – by handlettering – into the shape of the pancreas with an abscess, and printed in black and white ink on ‘kraft paper’ (chosen because of the matching color). A pattern runs across the entire cover in ‘slippery’ thickened UV-spot varnish. This is based on the look of the outside of a pancreas.
Another link to her reseach is the drill hole – a way to operate simply and less invasively, where the patient is helped and experiences much less pain / burden. This hole, starting in the ‘top of the abscess’ runs through the whole book – precisely through a grey circle (technical craftsmanship of Wihabo) on the outside of the pages. At each ‘Part’ of the dissertation, the circle gets a bit darker.
The cover consists of 2 parts; the first ‘cut’ part of thicker paper, and the second part of less heavy paper, on which the title is printed. That paper also comes back as chapter pages (inserts) in the book – the text is printed in white.

Printing: Wihabo
Paper types: Cover – Muscat 290 / Chapter pages – Muscat 140 / Inner pages – Biotop 90 grams
Ink: Black + White (digital printing)

PhD defense: Friday 16-03-2018
@ UvA (University of Amsterdam)

Prof. dr. Dr. P. Fockens
Prof. dr. H.G. Gooszen
Copromotor: Dr. H.C. from Santvoort

“Beautiful creative design of my thesis! The result is unique, with an eye for detail and especially suitable for me and my research. I am super excited!”

With the research in this thesis, Sandra van Brunschot won the prestigious Kenneth Warren Annual Research Award in 2017.

Photo’s book & details: © Fotografie Dani, commissioned by Wihabo

Thesis Design Package