Thesis cover design for Airin Simon -

Fighting the Hydra

Optimizing treatment for type 2 diabetes

By Airin Simon

Thesis Cover Design
Cover, bookmarker, cover typography, illustration & layout proposal for titlepages

Background information:
Airin Simon told me in the first interview; “Fighting a hydra, that’s how it feels to deal with the problems discussed in my dissertation – hence the title”. She wanted that seven-headed beast to be the subject of her cover illustration. Of course, the Color Palette and the illustration style are based on the personal preferences of Airin.

PhD thesis defense: 25 – 09 – 2014
Universiteit van Amsterdam (UVA)

Drukwerk: Gildeprint

“During the busy period of completing a PhD, I am very happy that I approached Ilse to design and finalize the cover for me. Not only was the collaboration very nice and she took a lot of work out of my hands: she also designed a super cool cover that suits me perfectly. Regularly , I have heard: “… one of the most beautiful covers…” and that made me extra proud of my thesis / defense”
Thesis Cover Design