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Alert methods as success factors

Influencing effectiveness of a clinical decision support system in clinical practice

By Anne-Marie Scheepers

Thesis cover design package
Cover illustration & typography, bookmarker, slide for presentation

Background information:
From the first meeting with Anne-Marie Scheepers it was clear it was very important that the link with ‘cooperation’ between pharmacists and doctors was important. Alert methods is about digitally alerting people about medication issues. This cover design integrates the digital world of icons, the invisible world of ‘the processing’ and the real world of medical staff and pharmacists into one illustration.

PhD Thesis defense; 28 – 10 – 2014
Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e)

Print & Layout: Ridderprint

“Hi Ilse, I am really incredibly happy with it, the book is to complete satisfaction! I get so very many positive responses from everyone who’s received the dissertation too … it’s a hit!
I don’t know how I thank you, you have done an exceptional job! Greetings, Anne-Marie “

Winner of the Opwijrda-award 2014 for the best article in the PW Scientific Platform
Thesis Cover Design