book cover design illustration and layout for Wakan - Paul Pama -
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By Paul Pama

Illustrative book design
Cover and layout

Background information

Paul Pama asked me to design the cover of his second novel as well as doing the layout. I loved the storyline, and was inspired by one of the important characters in the story. That’s why this cover illustration continues to tell this story, instead of summing up the contents. The layout is based on the design of his previous book, but the typography of the titles is based on this cover design. After sending in the book design to Brave New Books, I also made the social media posts for the promotion of the book.

About the book

How far would you go if your child is abducted?
Real estate investor Floyd Koudewater is a guy on solid ground, until a mysterious stranger kidnaps his daughter. Helped by a disowned shaman, he is forced to chase her into a world in which he doesn’t believe.
In his second novel, Paul Pama (1971) is testing the limits of the ratio, and coaxes the reader a few steps into an alternative reality.
Earlier (2014) work is the politically tinged novel ‘Tegen wil en dank’ (‘For better or worse’).


Issued: april 2018
Publisher: Brave New Books

Wow… this (illustration) is exactly what I was talking about!
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