Portfolio boek - WOW VET - Boek ontwerp voor isontwerp.nl en Wihabo i HP Inkspiration Award Winner 2018
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Portfolio book

Jubilee book design for isontwerp.nl & Wihabo

Book design
Book covers, inner pages, design book box
concept, illustration, book design and layoutprinting: Wihabo

Background information:

For the 5-year anniversary of isontwerp.nl, I wanted to create a special book of my work. Wihabo had this idea to create a portfolio book, in which they could show their beautiful techniques. We found each other in our passion for print on one of Wihabo’s ‘open office days’, and from there, the project took off.

About the book

The result is WOW VET: a limited edition bookbox consisting of 4 books: C,M,Y,’Key’ in a Black Box. Each color book has its own subject, showing Whiabo’s (HP Print equipment’s) possibilities. Cyan booklet: CMYK + LCLM (light cyan & light magenta) / Magenta booklet: Fluor / Yellow booklet: Color on Color / Purple booklet (Key): PMS Matching.

Almost all my illustrations and designs from the past years have been converted into a new design that suits the printing technique in question.
The booklets are bound in 4 different ways and are bundled in a black box, which is laser numbered individually (personalized ‘punching’).

Then, the books were sent to customers, and on special request to interested parties, in their own personalized shipping box.
During the Dutch Design Week 2017, the book bundle was presented at Print Pakt Live, in the Yksy ‘Black Box’. There, we also gave away a matching set of greeting cards.

Presentation: 27 -10 – 2017
@ Dutch Design Week 2017, Print Pakt Live

“A far out, super-rad, one hundred times WOW publication. Completely amazed, I am enjoying all booklets, paper types, visual violence and subtlety. A striking and crazy collaboration between two professionals where really nothing is too insane.”- Koen Geurts – Creative Director

“A smashing sample of the latest digital printing techniques: special paper, punching laser techniqes, fluorescent inks, a hacked printing press: experimental and powerful.” – KVGO Print Pakt online magazine

WOW VET has won the HP Inkspriation Award for ‘Self-Promotion’ 2017, and has also been nominated for the Global HP Inkspiration Awards 2017 in Vienna

© photography: Photography Dani, commissioned by Wihabo
Book design