illustrative design - annual report for KVGO - inkspiration award winner - 2018 -

2017 in a nutshell

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2017 in a nutshell

Annual report

The KVGO Annual Report 2017 (Royal Association of Graphic Entrepreneurs)

Illustrative book design
Cover, inner pages, online PDF with timeline, + matching greeting cards
concept, illustration, book design and layout

Background information

The publication of WOW VET in 2017, as a lead, KVGO asked and Wihabo to develop their annual report.

About the client

KVGO is an organization that works for graphic entrepreneurs (printers). They do this mostly in the background, by lobbying, etc., and are therefore often unable to express possible positive developments. Also, they have recently moved to a location near Schiphol.

About the situation

The figures in the graphical sector are not super good yet, but there is hope.

The question from KVGO:

Make a design for the annual report that feels ‘personal’, a book that people would like to look into. It must have a hopeful appearance, and show that KVGO works very hard in the background for the printing industry. The book should not be too big either (resulting in an online attachment for the background information of the timeline in the book.)

My intention:

To make the receiver enthusiastic when holding the book, so that they (almost) would not realize that it was an annual report and would open the book out of curiosity anyway. This is
established by, for example, omitting the word ‘annual report’ on the book cover.

About the design:

Metaphors: A walnut tree in bloom: KVGO as an old giant on the cover, widely rooted, has always given fruits, and will bear fruit in the future. If you look closely, the branches are shaped like a walnut / a brain. This is, in combination with the walnuts that the tree gives, the link to ‘knowledge sharing’, the core of KVGO. These walnut-illustrations also appear in other parts of the report, and are used in various ways. On the title pages, the letters KVGO are combined with other words, such as: Strength of Good Research (lost in translation…). In the background, you see a plane and the new building, they refer directly to the new location. A rising sun in silver foil gives us hope for a radiant new day.

Print production

Here too, a nice collaboration with Wihabo arose, in which again the newest possibilities on the HP Indigo were used. The fresh young green color is printed in the (then still beta) ink Fluorescent Green in combination with Full Color printing. We chose Mohawk Eggshell White paper, from Antalis, in 148 grams for the interiour and 270 grams for the cover. Sizewise, the smaller-than-usual-size 15,5 x 19 cm is comfortable to hold. New digital techniques were used for the finishing touch; the booklet is digitally enhanced with silver foil. And the envelopes are even personalized with this digital silver foil finishing. Because the booklet is Singer-bound, the back was provided with the title by Edgeprinting. In combination with a percentage of Increased Spot UV varnish, this book is a wonderful sample of the latest digital printing possibilities.


Issued: 17-05-2018 – during the General Members Meeting
Presented: 24-10-2018 – @ Print Pakt Live, during the Dutch Design Week 2018; at the presentation with Wihabo ‘New combinations bring inspiration’ – where also the free set of giftcards, inspired by this design, was handed out.


“This is soooo beautiful… great teamwork that I am extremely proud of. I’m still enjoying it – Wolfgang Gielissen


The Local and the Global HP Inkspiration Award 2018 has been awarded to the KVGO annual report, in the Direct Mail category. The prize is a recognition for the special design and the graphic / technical execution.


© photography: Photography Dani, commissioned by Wihabo
book cover design illustration and layout for Wakan - Paul Pama -


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By Paul Pama

Illustrative book design
Cover and layout

Background information

Paul Pama asked me to design the cover of his second novel as well as doing the layout. I loved the storyline, and was inspired by one of the important characters in the story. That’s why this cover illustration continues to tell this story, instead of summing up the contents. The layout is based on the design of his previous book, but the typography of the titles is based on this cover design. After sending in the book design to Brave New Books, I also made the social media posts for the promotion of the book.

About the book

How far would you go if your child is abducted?
Real estate investor Floyd Koudewater is a guy on solid ground, until a mysterious stranger kidnaps his daughter. Helped by a disowned shaman, he is forced to chase her into a world in which he doesn’t believe.
In his second novel, Paul Pama (1971) is testing the limits of the ratio, and coaxes the reader a few steps into an alternative reality.
Earlier (2014) work is the politically tinged novel ‘Tegen wil en dank’ (‘For better or worse’).


Issued: april 2018
Publisher: Brave New Books

Wow… this (illustration) is exactly what I was talking about!
Portfolio boek - WOW VET - Boek ontwerp voor en Wihabo i HP Inkspiration Award Winner 2018


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Portfolio book

Jubilee book design for & Wihabo

Book design
Book covers, inner pages, design book box
concept, illustration, book design and layoutprinting: Wihabo

Background information:

For the 5-year anniversary of, I wanted to create a special book of my work. Wihabo had this idea to create a portfolio book, in which they could show their beautiful techniques. We found each other in our passion for print on one of Wihabo’s ‘open office days’, and from there, the project took off.

About the book

The result is WOW VET: a limited edition bookbox consisting of 4 books: C,M,Y,’Key’ in a Black Box. Each color book has its own subject, showing Whiabo’s (HP Print equipment’s) possibilities. Cyan booklet: CMYK + LCLM (light cyan & light magenta) / Magenta booklet: Fluor / Yellow booklet: Color on Color / Purple booklet (Key): PMS Matching.

Almost all my illustrations and designs from the past years have been converted into a new design that suits the printing technique in question.
The booklets are bound in 4 different ways and are bundled in a black box, which is laser numbered individually (personalized ‘punching’).

Then, the books were sent to customers, and on special request to interested parties, in their own personalized shipping box.
During the Dutch Design Week 2017, the book bundle was presented at Print Pakt Live, in the Yksy ‘Black Box’. There, we also gave away a matching set of greeting cards.

Presentation: 27 -10 – 2017
@ Dutch Design Week 2017, Print Pakt Live

“A far out, super-rad, one hundred times WOW publication. Completely amazed, I am enjoying all booklets, paper types, visual violence and subtlety. A striking and crazy collaboration between two professionals where really nothing is too insane.”- Koen Geurts – Creative Director

“A smashing sample of the latest digital printing techniques: special paper, punching laser techniqes, fluorescent inks, a hacked printing press: experimental and powerful.” – KVGO Print Pakt online magazine

WOW VET has won the HP Inkspriation Award for ‘Self-Promotion’ 2017, and has also been nominated for the Global HP Inkspiration Awards 2017 in Vienna

© photography: Photography Dani, commissioned by Wihabo
Illustration design for Zandbeek. Pioniers in contentmarketing - commissioned by ABN Amro MeesPierson - -

De Norm – Vermogensmonitor 2017

front open plat boek liggend intro geld althruisme japanse stijl zwijgen1 zwijgen2 robot huis plant1 plant2 luchtkasteel duurzaam huis joker tablet online beelden

De Norm

De Vermogengsmonitor 2017

Illustration design for Zandbeek. Pioniers in contentmarketing The agency for engagement, commissioned by ABN Amro MeesPierson

Illustration design
cover illustration, illustrations book interiour, website banner illustration, website link illustration, concept development

Background information

De Vermogensmonitor (The Asset Monitor) is an initiative of ABN AMRO MeesPierson. In 2017, Zandbeek asked me to illustrate a magazine. ABN Amro MeesPierson had conducted a survey* among the wealthy target group. The results were translated in an audience-friendly way. My task was to make the illustrative translation for that target group, and to take part in the concept development. The illustrations were ultimately used for the online expressions: on (2017), at ATMs, etc.

*The survey was carried out in May 2017 by GfK among nearly 500 people. In the Netherlands, the target group ‘the wealthy’ contains Dutch people with at least 500,000 euros of free capital

Publisher: ABN AMRO MeesPierson
Concept & realization: Zandbeek. The agency for engagement
Print coordination: Sumis Printmanagement

“This booklet is the most beautiful thing we have made in a long time”
– Willem van Zandbeek (1952 – 2017)

This campaign has won no fewer than3 awards:
The ‘Best PR input within content marketing’award & the ‘Best distribution’ award at the Grand Prix Content Marketing 2017.
Next, we won an European Excellence Award in the category ‘External Publication’.(source:
Also, the case was a finalist at the prestigious American Content Marketing Awards 2018, in the category Content Marketing Launch of the Year