Thesis design for Inge Pool -
inge pool cover front Cover Open boekenlegger omslag P01 chapterpage 01 chapter 1 figure chapterpage 3 chapter 3 figure chapterpage 05 textpage 05 chapterpage A2 layout stories 01 layout stories 2

Continuing professional development across the nursing career

A lifespan perspective on CPD motives and learning activities

By Inge A. Pool

Thesis design package
Cover, inner pages, invitations and propositions;
Concept, illustration, book design and layout

Background information:
With Continuity as the starting point, the ‘focus’ is being developed further and further. The cover illustration continues in the lay-out of the thesis. On the title pages the focus turns into the chapter mark.

Thesis defense: 17 – 11 – 2015
@ Utrecht University

Printing: Ipskamp Drukkers

“The thesis has become very beautiful. I received very enthusiastic responses about the looks of the book. Thank you for the beautiful design and the pleasant cooperation!”

In December 2015, Inge received the Rho Chi-Award ‘Friend of Nursing’ for her research in the field of nursing.
Thesis Design Package