Thesis design for Diana Papazova -
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Interactions between the kidney and its environment

chronic intervention studies

By Diana Papazova

Thesis design package
Omslag, binnenwerk, uitnodigingen, stellingen en poster;
concept, illustratie, boek ontwerp en lay-out

Background information:
Diana Papazova is from Sofia, Bulgaria. During our first conversation she told me that in the vicinity of her hometown, there was a lake called ‘Kidney Lake’. She would love this to be integrated somehow, and sent me a picture of it. Instead of using the photo itself, I used it as a source of inspiration for an illustration, merging the anatomy of a kidney – as a ‘Delta Plan’ – into it as well, keeping with the theme as well as a reference to Diana’s new (Dutch) environment. Because the research was about the effects on the heart too, I added a ‘Heart-Lake’ on the back of the cover. The vector illustration of the new ‘Kidney-Lake’ has been used for the title pages of the book.

Thesis defense: 16 – 10 – 2015
@ Utrecht University

Printing: Gildeprint

“The books are beautiful! Super nice! A true piece of art :). Everybody is impressed and the poster is very nice as well!. Greetings, Diana
Thesis Design Package