Thesis cover design for Hester Trompetter -
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ACT with Pain

Measurement, efficacy and mechanisms of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

By Hester Trompetter

Thesis cover design package
Cover illustration, design & typography, bookmarker + chapter page layout (proposal)

Background information:
In our first meeting, Hester Trompetter told me that she really loved the Monarch butterfly. I found that the free movement of the butterfly was a nice symbolism for being ‘free of pain’. Almost all the butterflies are individually illustrated by hand. The cell structure is inspired by a figure from her thesis, and is spread across the cover like symmetrical flowers.

Design according to the terms of RRD

Thesis defense; 11 – 09 – 2014
@ Twente University
Roessingh Research and Development

It looks stunning. My promotion was a very nice day. I also had a lot of positive reactions to your designs, people liked it very much.
Thesis Cover Design