- Frequently asked questions

What is the procedure for a PhD thesis design?

First thing we start with will be a personal meeting. After you agreed to the offer I supplied, we can make an appointment. This way I get a profound impression of you, your research and your ideas on the design. Next, I will send you 2-3 schetches, and we'll have a talk regarding the direction of the design. After that, I will make a final proposal - cover and 2 chapters in the chosen design. After your agreement I will continue designing the complete thesis.

How much time do you need for a thesis design?

Because it is such a personal project, with lots of contact and plenty of time for the corrections, the standard period for designing your thesis is 5 to 6 weeks - counting from our first meeting.
Is that too long for you? Please notify me straight away, so we can look into the possibilities.

How can I supply my documents to you?

Within a relatively short time, designs a fully personalized dissertation design and layout for you. To make this possible, it is essential that the source texts and figures are delivered in the correct format. I've put the information about that in a handy overview here - but you'll also receive that information with your request via the form.

Do you want all the files by email?

No, thank you :). As soon as we start the process for designing your dissertation, your files must be sent via my Wetransfer-business account. I will also send my files to you via this service. That way, the files remain secure online for a longer time than with the regular wetransfer accounts, and my (and your) e-mail account won't be overloaded with heavy files.

What do I get when I order my thesis design from you?

A basic thesis design consists of:

• 1 x personal meeting
• 2 x sketch layout, short telephone discussion about it (about half an hour) & related adjustments
• 1 x your sketch-of-choice for approval to start the design

That results in:

• Design and layout of the dissertaton up to 220 pages, standard size B5 (17 × 24)
• Cover with bookmark / flap + chapter pages in style
• 1 x correction round
• 1 x control round
• 1 x digital proof (PDF) for approval before sending it to the printer

Subsequently, your thesis is prepared for prepress and delivered to your printing office.

You will also receive:

• 1x PDF for university library
• 1x PowerPoint slide of your cover (for projection during your promotion)

You see all the possibilities in a row in the document that you receive when you fill out the form.

What does a thesis design cost?

The costs for designing a thesis depend on many factors. I have several packages (that you can expand). For more information about the pricing and possibilities, you can send me a request via the form.
If you let me know what you want, I'd love to make you an offer! – PhD thesis design