thesis cover design and cover illustration for Jesper Verhoef -

Opzien tegen modernisering

By Jesper Verhoef

Dreading Modernization
Ideas about America and Dutch identity in the public debate about media, 1919-1989 (In Dutch)

Background information:
Jesper Verhoef asked me to work with the old image of Uncle Sam and a Dutch woman in old fashioned clothing. Inspired by ‘Het Melkmeisje’, a painting by Vermeer, I drew a new, more resilient woman, fighting her own ‘shadow’ in the shape of Uncle Sam. The colors are based on the typically Dutch colors: Blue, white, red and orange. The clock shows it’s five to 12. The Dutch saying ‘5 minutes to 12, has the meaning that the situation is on the verge of disaster; it’s time for change, before it’s too late.

PhD Defense; Woensdag, 23-06-2017
@ Utrecht UniversityPublished by Eburon

“Hey Ilse, about the clock telling us it’s  5-to-12 … What a good idea! Not to say genius* Currently, the printing proof is front of me. Looks great in real life, the cover has become really beautiful! Kind regards, Jesper “

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Interview with Jesper in the Volkskrant (Dutch)
Thesis Cover Design