Thesis design for Judith Cluitmans -
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Red Blood Cell Homeostasis

Molecular mechanisms regulating morphology and function

Door Judith Cluitmans

Cover, inner pages, invitations & propositions:
Concept, illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
Judith Cluitmans & Arno Janssen both had their PhD defense on the same day and ordered their thesis designs at isontwerp. The goal was to create 2 different designs, whilst it would be evident that they belonged together, if seen next to each other. This was established by using similar background textures for the illustration, as well as a special textured paper for the cover.

Promotiedag: 02 – 06 – 2016
@ Radboud umc Nijmegen

Printing: Gildeprint
Special paper cover: Papyrus Savanna Structure

“Thank you for all your work! It was very nice to work with you and am very satisfied with the result.
One of the opponents was quite ‘sorry’ about the beautiful design, because all the PhDs in his lab suddenly wanted to have their thesis just as beautifully designed as well. But it was the most beautiful thesis he had ever seen.”
Thesis Design Package