thesis design for Lean Beulen
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Non-invasive prenatal testing

a multifaceted assessment

By Lean Beulen

Cover, inner pages, invitations & propositions:
Concept, illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
The title of the study was converted by handlettering into a cover illustration of a baby in the womb. The vector illustration of the shape of the belly, and the inverted version of it, is used for the title pages in the layout. The text is placed in the belly shape at the beginning of a chapter. The line used in the name of the cover is also used in the lay-out of this dissertation, at the navigation at the top of the page. Lean Beulen, like me, considers the environment important, and wanted to make something special out of her thesis. That is why this book uses 2-color (Pantone 320 + black) water-free offset printing, which is better for the environment. Both cover and interior are printed on FSC recycled Cyclus Offset paper. A special foil technique was also used for the cover. The image for the Hot Foil (Luxor 308) is inverted, which is more complicated with the cropping of the book. Moreover, the foil has been placed first, and then scratch-resistant mat laminate has been placed over it, which creates a particularly attractive, soft effect.

PhD promotion day: Tuesday 05-07-2016
@ Radboud University Nijmegen

Printing: Drukkerij Kempers BV

Paper: Cyclus Offset
Finishing: Hot Foil

“I’m curious about the reactions of others, but we (lennart and me) are very proud! …”
Thesis Design Package