Thesis design for Maartje Louter -

Sleep in Parkinson’s disease: a focus on nocturnal movements

By Maartje Louter

Thesis design package
Cover, inner pages, invitations & propositions:
Concept, illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
This thesis is part of one line of research that focuses on Sleep and Parkinsson’s disease, under the direction of Prof. dr. S. Overeem. The theme of ‘sleep’ is represented by a very deep blue with a silver starry sky. The blue is used as Pantone spot color for the interior. The title in silver Hot-Foil finishing on the matt cover completes it.

Thesis defense; 13 – 02 – 2015
@ Radboud University Nijmegen

Printing: Ipskamp Drukkers
Offset, Pantone Spot color
Special finishing: Silver Hot Foil

“Like I told you before; they are absolutely stunning!”
Thesis Design Package