Thesis design for Marian Smeulers -
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Evidence Based Quality Improvement

A recipe for improving medication safety and handover of care

By Marian Smeulers

Thesis, invitations, propositions & A3 poster:
Cover illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
Marian Smeulers told me she liked to have a cover that contained a symbolisation of ‘growth’. Out of the sketches, she choose the image of the ‘paper-cut’ tree, growing the letters that make the title. This tree ‘grows’ troughout the thesis; that’s why the chapter markers go from bottom to top in this book. Full color print gave me the oppertunity to give each part it’s own color to use for the figures & tables, giving the book a unique appearance.

PhD Thesis defense: 14 – 01 – 2016
@ UvA (University of Amsterdam)

Printing: Ipskamp

“I just received the printed theses. It all turned out very beautiful and I am very happy with the result! Thank you for the lovely cooperation :-).”
Thesis Design Package