Proefschrift ontwerp voor Annette van Maanen -

Melatonin treatment and light therapy for chronic sleep onset insomnia in children

Effects on sleep, cognition, health and psychosocial functioning

by Annette van Maanen

Thesis, invitations, propositions and presentation slide
Typography, illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
The research Annette van Maanen did, was about the treatment of insomnia in children and its effects. The cover illustration of the “night owl” and the choice of paper for the book suit both the style of Annette and the theme; a soft, friendly yet serious appearance.

Thesis defense: 29 – 03 – 2017
UvA (University of Amsterdam)

Printing: Ipskamp Printing
Special paper: Cyclus Print

“I received my books today. They have become SUPER-AMAZING! The paper is also very nice, it just fits so well together.
I get compliments from colleagues, but they are actually meant for you!”
Thesis Design Package