Thesis design for Merel van Gilst -
presentation slide thesis cover design as pillow

Sleep benefit in Parkinson’s disease

By Merel van Gilst

Thesis, invitations & propositions:
Cover illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
This dissertation by Merel van Gilst is part of a research of Prof. dr. Sebastiaan Overeem. The flying birds and the rising sun symbolize the feeling of ‘freedom (in motion)’ that many people with Parkinson’s disease say they experience after good night sleep. The silver rays give the illustration an extra ‘sparkle’.

PhD Thesis defense: 13 – 04 – 2016
@ Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

Book: Ipskamp Printing, Offset with Spot color, special finishing with Hot Foil Silver
Invitation: flyeralarm, 70 grams paper, so that it could be folded into a bird

“The final result is amazing! The cover is also very beautiful! Thank you! I am very happy with it.”
Thesis Design Package