Thesis cover design for Monique Tabak -

Telemedicine for patients with COPD

New treatment approaches to improve daily activity behaviour

By Monique Tabak

Thesis cover design package
Cover illustration, design & typography, bookmarker + chapter page layout (proposal)

Background information:
It was fun to work with certain ‘limits’ set by the Roesshing; to make a cover illustration suiting both Monique Tabak ánd her research, using the right colors and font.
Telemendicine: bits & bites of information make up the image of alveoli infected by COPD.Cover design according to colors and terms of RRD

PhD Thesis defense: 07 – 02 – 2014

@ Twente University
Roessingh Research and Development


“The books look very nice, and the cover and title pages are super cool!”
Thesis Cover Design