Thesis design for Nicole Mastenbroek -

The art of staying engaged

The role of personal resources in mental well-being of young veterinary professionals

By Nicole Mastenbroek

Thesis design package
Cover, inner pages, invitations & propositions:
Concept, illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
There are verious Dutch translations for the word ‘engaged’, one of them is something like ‘inspired’. It refers to ‘flying, and this meaning was the inspiration for this cover design concept. Also, Nicole told me about the statue of two birds in her garden. I have merged the exact shape of this statue of these birds into a prominent spot on the cover.

PhD thesis defense; 30 – 10 – 2014
@ Utrecht University

Printing: Gildeprint

“Hey Ilse, I get a lot of compliments about the thesis. Thanks! Greetings, Nicole”

Nicole Mastenbroek received the Gift of Honor 2015 of the KNMvD for her research
Thesis Design Package