Proefschrift omslag ontwerp voor Nicoline Otterman -

Factors influencing the use of evidence in physical therapy

A multilevel exploration in the context of multidisciplinary rehabilition for patients suffering from diabetes or stroke

By Nicoline Otterman

Thesis Cover Design
Cover, bookmarker, cover typography, illustration & layout proposal for titlepages

Background information:
Nicoline asked for a typographic cover design, but also really wanted it to have a ‘human’ look. The hand-made ink drops & ink strokes, the special paper for the cover + a quote from Socrates ensure this. The flaps give the dissertation a real ‘book feeling’. Her love for indigo blue helped in choosing the color.

PhD defense: Tuesday 20-06 2017
@ Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

Printing: Gildeprint
Cover paper: Papyrus Gmund Savanna Structuros Bianco (260 grams)

“Ilse has created a beautiful, powerful typographic design and illustrations for my thesis.
I definitely recommend her! Now I have a book that makes me very happy and that I receive many compliments for.”
Thesis Cover Design