Thesis cover design for Nienke de Vries -

Managing the Decline

Physical therapy in frail elderly

By Nienke de Vries

Cover, bookmarker, cover typography, illustration & layout proposal for titlepages

Background information:
Nienke asked me for a ‘clean design’. Her dissertation deals with the obstacles encountered by older people and ways to help these elderly people. The Staircase is a metaphor for the ‘obstacles’ for the elderly, but also for ascending, a choice (up or down) and finally the door that opens to the outside world. In this abstract illustration, the circles behind the image symbolize the ‘protection of the safety net’, like the connecting dots in the pink circle symbolize all external help.

Thesis defense; 09 – 06 – 2015
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical CentrePrinting: Gildeprint

I am so happy with the cover! I have also received many compliments. A good friend thought the cover to be ‘really Nienke’. I think that’s a great compliment to the work you have done! Thanks again! Greetings, Nienke”

Nienke won theWCF Dissertation Award during the Science Days of the KNGF & WCF.
Thesis Cover Design