Thesis design for Noor Tromp -

Priority Setting in HIV/AIDS Control

The use of multi criteria decision analysis in Indonesia and South Africa

By Noor Tromp

Thesis, invitations, propositions, policy brief & poster;
concept, illustration, book design and layout

Background information:
This thesis aims to improve the priority setting process by making use of scientific evidence, and by bringing the various stakeholders (the hands creating ‘shelter’) together to decide on these priorities. The cover design with handmade letters has the appearance of a (protest) poster, referring to publicity measures that governments should take to make their decisions public. White and red are the colors of the Indonesian flag, where most of the research took place. Each chapter has its own color for titles, figures and tables.

PhD Thesis defense; 03 – 11 – 2015
@ Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

Printing: Gildeprint

“Thank you so much for the design of the cover and the total end result. I am very happy with it and I have had a lot of nice reactions from people around me too! Thanks for everything!!”
Thesis Design Package