thesis cover design for Noortje Maaijwee Stroke in young adults -
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Long term neuropsycological and social consequences after Stroke in young adults

By Noortje Maaijwee

Thesis design package (+)
cover, inner pages, bookmarker, proposition and powerpoint slide
Concept, illustration, book design and layout

Background information:

Soft colors in the background, a surreal brain as a storm cloud in clear skies, above a peaceful view over ‘the life path’. The underlying idea, of course, is that a stroke appears ‘like a bolt out of the blue’, with a long way to go because it concerns young people. Font of STROKE: AT Concise. Matching the subject; parts of the letters are gone, but it remains legible.

Design according to the terms of Donders Institute

PhD Thesis defense: 12 – 06 – 2016
@ Radboud University Nijmegen
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour; centre for cognitive neuroimaging

Printing: Ipskamp

“I have had a lot of nice comments on my book, everyone really loves it! Thank you for all your help and the great cooperation!”
Thesis Design Package