– Request ISBN

When your publication is designed by, it is possible to apply for an ISBN number via the at bureau ISBN. Being registered as a publisher (hence the name ‘isbook’) makes it easier to apply for the number. To request ISBN via saves you the rest of the registration-costs, and isontwerp/isboek will not claim the copyrights of the texts. The full responsibility for distributing the publication remains with you.

Requesting your ISBN number via costs € 25,-
Ask for it during the personal meeting about the design of your thesis, or in the emails leading up to that meeting. Then you will receive an email from me with a request for the necessary information. With this, apply for your personal ISBN.

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) ensures that a book can be found quickly and easily in data files. If someone is interested in a book, he or she can search for your available contact details on the basis of the ISBN.

Nur code
You will need a NUR code for the ISBN application. You can find that here.

For more questions about ISBN, go to the website of bureau ISBN –PhD thesis design