Thesis design for Roderik Viergever -

Evidence-Based Priority Setting for health research

By Roderik Viergever

Thesis design package
Cover, inner pages, invitations & propositions:
Concept, illustration, book design & layout


Background information:
At this stage, I still had time to visit my clients at home or at work :). When I vistited Roderik Viergever, I noticed his interest in atlases and maps; they were everywhere. This was a big inspiration for this book design: the contents and navigation is based on navigation in the world atlas; with different colors for different parts of the book, and the markers & information in a colored bar at the top of the pages. The cover design symbolises the work done, by ‘connecting the dots’ all over the world.

Thesis defense; 10 – 02 – 2014
@ Radboud umc Nijmegen

Printing: Ipskamp Printing


“I am very, very glad that I asked you to design my PhD thesis! The design of the cover, besides looking amazing, is an excellent metaphor for the work that I have done, and also links to my personal interests. The coherence of the complete book is one of the best things about how my thesis was designed. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I’d warmly recommend you to anyone who is in the final stages of their PhD and needs it to look good!


CaRe Dissertation Award for Best Thesis of the Year 2015
Thesis Design Package