Thesis cover design package for Shamir R Jacobino

Antibody-mediated immunity against viral respiratory infections

By Shamir R. Jacobino

Thesis Cover Design
Cover, bookmarker, & layout proposal for titlepages:
Cover design and illustration & typography


Background information:

Shamir (from Curaçao) wanted his thesis cover to radiate a hopeful future. The cover illustration shows you an rising sun above the Caribbean waters, as well as an encapsulated virus, above the lungs in the sea. The lungs are showing little signs of degradation, but so is the virus. The paint & color choices were based on Shamirs style and personality.

PhD Thesis defense: Tuesday 20-12-2016
@ Utrecht University


“Wowwwwwww! It looks amazing! And thanks for the [layout] tips (all of them)! I am very happy with the result!
I received compliments from literally everyone about my cover. A massive thank you!”
Thesis Cover Design