Thesis design package - cover illustration for Stella van Rijn -
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Transformative Governance for the Knowledge Democracy

By Stella van Rijn

Thesis design package
Thesis, invitations, propositions & presentation slide
Cover illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
Stella van Rijn is (in 2017) Secretary-General at Department of General Affairs and Foreign Relations at Government of Curacao. For her thesis at the Nyenroode Business University, she wanted a clear and original design, that would tell a story. The illustration of a face and (and its brain) looking ahead, does just that. The colors are also used for navigating through the thesis.

Thesis defense: 26 – 06 – 2017
@ Nyenroode Business University

Printing: Ipskamp Printing
Special finishing: Cover is embossed

“VERY beautyful. Amazing!”
Thesis Design Package