Thesis design for Neeltje Blankenstein -
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Risky Business?

Behavioral and neural mechanisms underlying risky decision-making in adolescents

By Neeltje Blankenstein

Cover, inner pages, invitations & propositions:
Concept, illustration, book design & layout

Background information:
The illustration is about a choice; jump the ravine? Or the ‘safer’ options further away on the horizon? Neeltje Blankenstein asked me to illustrate the theme of her research for her thesis cover. She also provided me with some lovely inspirational images. This resulted in the choice of colortheme and illustration style. The interior pages of the book are printed on Biotop paper, 90 grams. This paper has a nice natural look, and gives a little extra dilution. Of course, we wanted to have that natural appearance also for the cover illustration. But Biotop paper had too much influence on the colors of the illustration, it was a bit too yellow. As a result, we chose the standard coated cardboard, but without laminate finishing. Coated paper provides a nice color intensity, and without laminating we still kept the ‘natural paper-feel’.

PhD defense day: Thursday, 14-02-2019
@ University of Leiden

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Dr. Evelien. A. Crone
Co-supervisor: A.C.K. van Duijvenvoorde

Printing: Ipskamp Printing Enschede

Poster: 50×70 cm
Print: Wihabo, Geffen
Paper: 250 grams Tinteretto Gesso

“I am very happy with the result and I only get positive reactions! The book really has come together as a whole, and it’s completely to my liking. Very cool as well: Ilse has converted my cover to a poster. Now I can place this beautiful illustration in my office. I really recommend her designs!”

Some of the responses received:
– “It is without a doubt the most beautiful thesis I have seen so far. – E.C.
– “What a FAN-TAS-TIc booklet !!!! The illustrations, the cover, and sooooo big!!!”
Thesis Design Package