– Your unique thesis design

Of course, if you choose to have your booklet specially designed, then it is important that it looks as beautiful as possible. So you can show it proudly on your PhD defense – day. That is why takes good care of your customized thesis. And because I work with the best thesis printers, it results in a beautiful book. Because the design also deserves the right printing techniques. Moreover, it is also important to consider which paper type you choose, and whether you want a special finish. So that the illustrations, graphs and tables are as beautiful and as readable as possible. You can contact me for advice at any time. – Special book design does not only create thesis designs. You can also come to me for a special book design. Consider, for example, the design for the annual reports, a research report design or the cover illustration and layout of your new novel. You can find some examples here. – A green choice

I love beautiful paper. Beautiful paper makes books more special. And I also love trees. By having your thesis or other book designed at, you also opt for a greener world. I am a designer with a mission: my dream is to make the world a greener place. That is why I am working on a platform for graphic companies in the Netherlands (you can read more about this on the page Plant het Voort – all in Dutch though). In addition, I plant a tree for every thesis design or other book design that I create.

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For more information about designing your dissertation, please contact me. When you fill out the form, you immediately receive all information about my working method, prices and packages, independently of my agenda! Would you like information about a different kind of book design? Please, send me an email
My name is Ilse Schrauwers and I hope to speak to you soon!

Books are a uniquely portable magic.

– Stephen King – PhD thesis design